StakeBoard is live now ( and currently supports 40+ staking assets, tokens and yield protocols; but there is so much more to come…


✅ Asset-aware opportunities

The ‘Opportunities’ section was always designed with the idea of helping you make the most of your existing assets.

We’re working on expanding the staking choices and making them smart — by only showing you the opportunities you can use with the assets in your wallet.

✅ Many, many more wallets

We’re working on full WalletConnect v2 support, which will open the floodgates in terms of supported wallets (over 170+)!

WalletConnect is indeed the standard for web3, and we’ll support whatever wallet you prefer.

✅Buy/swap in-app

We’re also testing out in-app crypto purchases and swaps. This will make StakeBoard more of a one-stop shop and make it easier for new users who come into StakeBoard and don’t have any supported crypto.

✅ Introducing Sid the Staker

Sid is a VTuber and core StakePark team member. You’ll hear more from him soon, as he’s leading our TikTok efforts, but we won’t banish him solely to the land of short-form vertical video. He’s putting a face and voice to the project.

Check Sid out on TikTok

Sid is in testing mode right now, and is part of the Deadfellaz NFT collection. Full details and content with Sid coming soon.