Hey Stakers! Back at it again with another guide for using StakeBoard (our staking dashboard) with Zerion Wallet!

Zerion is an exceptionally powerful wallet and service, and you can use it to easily connect to StakeBoard to get a quick glance and verify your active staking accounts and get a real-time APY for the staking rewards you are earning.


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Why do I need a staking dashboard?

There are a lot of unique staking protocols and tokens, and using a dashboard like StakeBoard can be really useful for tracking them all in a single location.

We even report a real-time estimated APY, so you can know how much you are earning. 🤙

☑️ Download Zerion Wallet

First, download and set up Zerion Wallet. You can use it on the web, or on your smartphone (Android or iOS).

If you already have a Zerion wallet, skip the download!

☑️ Login to StakeBoard with Zerion

While at app.stakepark.xyz, just click connect wallet, and select Zerion.

Then snap the QR code (if you’re using a different device) or authenticate your wallet. For example, you can use StakeBoard on your desktop, and connect your Zerion app. Or, you can just use it on the same device. Your pick!

Zerion wallet connect

And that’s it!

After a few moments, StakeBoard will load your active staking balances and show them all, the amount and real-time APY.

What if it shows ‘No active stakes’ found?

If you see no active staking accounts, it means you don’t have any, or we do not currently support that token or protocol. You can view all the supported staking assets here.

Wrapping up

Rad, you now know how to connect Zerion to StakeBoard, for quick viewing of your active staking balances!

⚡Check out the StakeBoard docs for more info about our app, supported wallets and supported assets.

✊ Give us feedback and see what features we’re working on at feedback.stakepark.xyz.