First, let’s define what a hot wallet and a cold wallet is

Cold wallets are named because you use them offline or are hardware secured.

Hot wallets are ones that are connected to the internet. MetaMask, Exodus, and Coinbase Wallet are all considered hot wallets.

A hot wallet is the most popular configuration as it is easy to use and highly available. But hot wallets are more vulnerable to thefts and hacks.

A cold wallet might be the better option for those looking for the safest way to secure their crypto assets.

Cold staking

What is cold staking? What assets support it?

You can cold stake ETH and AVAX with a cold wallet.

Cold wallets, such as Ledger and Trezor, are hardware-based wallets. They aren’t connected to the internet and store your private keys offline. You can use these to “cold stake Ether” while keeping the wallet offline. You will see the staking rewards when you reconnect to check the balances.

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