What you’ll need:

Steps for staking ETH with Metamask

  1. Connect wallet to StakeBoard

    Visit StakeBoard (app.stakepark.xyz) and tap Connect Wallet. Choose MetaMask. You may need to enter your password.

  2. Select the validator/service of your choice

    Scroll down to Opportunities and find the validator/service you want to use. We curate well-known, high-performing, safe validators and sort them by Estimated APY for you.

  3. Initiate your stake

    Tap View Site, visit the external staking service and set up your stake according to their instructions.

  4. View your new stake contract

    When the transaction is confirmed (usually just a few seconds unless there is network congestion), you’ll be able to view the new stake contract under “Active” in the StakeBoard.

That’s it! You’re now staking.

Come back and check on your active stake anytime with StakeBoard.

Later, staker!

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