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Built by the StakePark Team, StakeBoard is designed to be a simple, one-stop shop for checking your active staking accounts and finding opportunities for your non-staked (or idle) assets.

We believe staking is the savings account for the future and is the best way to earn returns on your stakable crypto. But this vision requires new apps that fulfill those needs and demands.

Designed for beginners, powerful enough for pros

Everyone can use StakeBoard, but we believe making it simple and fun to use first and foremost is ideal.

Our goal is to make staking easy, so everyone can do it safely and securely, regardless of how tech-savvy they are.

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Staking is safe

Staking is safe because it’s non-custodial. You do not transfer your crypto into another entity’s wallet or control.

CeFi services imploded in 2022, and if proof you cannot trust a third-party 100% to return your crypto. Specifically, we’ve seen platform after platform go insolvent as they were untruthful with what they were doing with your deposited assets.

With staking, you do not have to give up that control.

Stake or die!

StakeBoard will never custody your crypto. We don’t want it. We only need view permissions to see what your crypto is doing and earning.

To use StakeBoard, you need your own self-custodied crypto wallet. What you use is up to you, as we support many popular wallets, like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Argent and others.

Fun to use and keep track of active stakes

Because StakeBoard is designed to make checking in on your active staking accounts, our first goal is to make you confident in your active staking balances. Similarly to checking your banking account balance, we want to make checking your crypto StakeBoard easy, quick, and fun.

Curated staking opportunities

We hand-pick the best staking validators and protocols across Ethereum. And we sort them by APY (annual percentage yield, the amount of interest you gain over a year). We call these “opportunities.”

We support the most popular cryptocurrency for staking, Ethereum. But plan to add more in the future once we nail ETH. Let’s ride! 🛹

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